Monday, January 5, 2009

things to let go~~

dear frens,,,i hve some item yg nk let go~~br je bli beg nie,,,but cm myk sgt beg yg still x gne lg~~ so dr die jd burok better i let go kn?
beg nie dua ade 2 side,,,,lbh krg mcm 2 in 1 la~~hehe~~

  • 100% cotton
  • very comfortable
  • sesuai la nk g shopping ke~g clege ke~~
i seriously ske dis beg but i have another few,,,since dis is the new one so better i let go la yg nie
if u guys ad yg minat nk bli,,,u can send me an email at

price: RM 26
excluding posting fees



  1. ela, the song kat your blog sgt best? who the hell was this boneca? malay band ke indo? sgt sgt sgt best!

  2. Smart gak! De pakai zip or camne tmpat nk masuk barang tuh?
    How bout $20 + posting fees.

  3. no zip komeng but wit string,,,the lower price i can gve to u is RM23 but unfortunately excluding post fees cz i bli RM 30 lor,,,hw is it?

  4. haha..
    bg la free..
    (tp da sold plak)