Sunday, January 4, 2009

lets give it a try

well,,,when im starting typing words at my blog....da 1st questions appeared in my mind is:

is there anybody want to read??uh,,,

there are few reason y im not cnfident in writing a blog~~~

1- i didnt think dat im good in writing n share any interesting moments happened in my life

2- do i really gud in attracting people to read my blog

3-er,,,,,i alwiz hve problems with self esteem~~huhuhu

but from the bright side,,,

1-y dont i jz give it a try?since final sem had just begannn,,

2-im damn boring,,i prefer being a ‘writer’ than being an annoying person~~

3-it might improve my eng mayb??since im not fluent in eng but i cn learn~~

xla trok sgt kn my eng??

i hope i dun even hve times for all dis~~


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