Monday, January 5, 2009

1st lecture day

uh....i jz bck frm clege n as usual,,,mon is alwz be the sleepiest day,,im quite late today n my 1st class was okeyla...
it was so excited to be together again wit my craze frens,,,without them my life shud be so,,,,,bored n dull~~they are the colours of my life
well,,,,im selling class had js begin today n i work so hard to concentrate in class but unfortunately,,,,studying "selling" on the evening of da day,,,,so challenging,,,!!!!
but i think dat im not so lost in dat class~~(semngat thn br!)
afte class as usual,,we have a 'tea' (hahahaha!!!)n my frens prob is alwiz about da pronunciation prob,,,it's not about we dont actually noe hw to pronounce but our tongue smetimes turn to be stubborn!!
adila was tring to say "ak dengar!!ak dgr!but wut she actually said is "ak dgr!!ak tengar!"
n everyone was like "ak TENGAR????"
a few month ago...ngai was decided to buy sweet corn,,but unfortunately he said "bang,bg sweet in cup satu"i was nxt to him n wonder wt is sweet in cup??then apelg...pch prot la~~
he actually trying to say either sweet in corn or corn in cup,he just combining both~haha!!!
well...tu yg wt kecoh tu~~
so sleepy n im thinking of having a nap~~

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