Sunday, January 4, 2009

the hard facts of life

em,,i believe dat as we strive to make life better,,we have to face some unchangeable facts of life…but some how,,,it sometimes scared me,,

i’ve read a book today n it helps in opening my eyes dat nuthing comes fast or easy bcz there’s alwiz a price in time n energy spent to achieve goals.well,,i usually dont have the patience in doing sumthg or dealing if i dont see the immediate result..n da book said dat person like me have to think about the long vision,,,the big picture n the price looks small

i alwiz face n heard bout da situation dat people get jealous,,,where u could become the object of envy or ridicule as u travel on the road of self-development,,some of ur frens may not feel cmfortable with ur desire n effort to imprve…but alhamdulillah i’ve never let the wrong crowd pull me down wit me so far…

n the messsage dat i’ve learn frm the book are:

dont mix with the people who are also intersted in self development cz they will help u 2 stay focused

jz stay true to urself n keep going it n neva let ridicule hold u back!

so,,im now feel so xcited to imprve myself since i alwz hurt peoples dat i love da most wit my attitude…n im totally ready for the nxt challenges!huahuahuaua~~~

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