Tuesday, January 6, 2009


i was under a very bad stress a few days ago n few of my friends recognized the changes n as usual they playing their part very effectively,,,,they feelin worried n trying so hard to help and of course lending their shoulder for me to cry...hehehe(mengade),,
well im okay actually n nuthing shud be worried,,but it jz i cant control my feelin n emotion (wt a typical gurl)
BUt i feel so touched cz the situation make me realised dat there are so many people care n love me other than my family~~learning to standing on my own feet lately make me more appreciate all my frens n beloved one.
for me,,friendship isnt alwiz can be easily describe .the eskimo,,they say,,have different words for snow.(chewah2~~) unfortunately,,,english isnt quite innovative though it has vast opportunity to differentiate meaning. Certainly,,,love is one of those opportunities BUt friendship has no exception for dat.
er,,,but instead of different words,,however we stuck on different adjectives.close fren,,,bestfren,,,childhood frens,,trusted frens,,,intimate frens,,,n many more.but whether u used different adjective or words,,,, few could deny the infinite meaning in such a very simple word..
frens are also very special people.we cant pick our famly and we're sorely limited in the number of them at any rate.Society n more dictate w select a single mate..but i think our frens can be diverse n infinite as the adjective that we choose,,for me,,our frens also,,in very real sense,,reflect the choice we make in life~~

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