Tuesday, January 6, 2009

its jiwa-jiwa time!

this poem is special dedicated to my loves one..

If I could only fly, I’ll be there wherever you are. To share you my life, my love and all the things that I have To show you that I care and let you know who you are to me, To let you feel me and let you have me….

If I could only cuddle you and sealed you with my kisses, Then I could prove to you how much I needed you. Especially when I’m feeling blue that your hugs could calm me down. And let me know that you will always be there to protect me.

If I could only have you right here at this very moment, I could fly like a butterfly, enjoying the sunlight, the breeze and life could offer, for I know that I was loved by you, My life would never be blue.

Then maybe my tears would stop from fallin for I know that you will always be there. Sharing my troubles and facing a new life that we could both share. A love that could be perfect, coz I know that you are there.

If I could only have you, for myself alone with no one to share you with, Only then I would feel secure, coz you have proven me that you love me too. A life with you that we could both share together, with no doubts but love, Only then I would be OKAY, coz you’re right here by my side

My love, the love of my life……………


  1. hey ela.. sweetnya poem ni..hehehe.. it's nice though..=)

  2. jiwang pulekkk..